Espresso Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Espresso Coffee Maker Buying Guide

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Question of manual vs coffee maker to do all the work for you ?

The next time when you think of buying an espresso coffee maker, consider the following basics of how to choose an espresso machine and what you should look out for.

Ask yourself the following questions before you go happily with your purchase :-


How much do you want to partake in your coffee making process ?

Do you enjoy making your morning cup of coffee by yourself or you wish that there is a coffee maker to do all the work for you and you only need to press a button and wait for your cup of coffee ?

How much are you prepared to pay for a new espresso machine ?

Be aware that the price range of an espresso coffee maker can vary from $100’s to $1,000’s, so this is a big part of your decision making. Espresso coffee maker come in a wide range of sizes and the more the features the coffee maker has, the bigger it will be.

How many cups of coffee do you need the espresso machine to churn out a day and is there a need to feed a large group ?

Types of Espresso Coffee Maker

Fully Manual

Fully Manual Coffee MachineFully manual espresso coffee maker is the basic and classic way of making Espresso coffee and thus requires a lot of skill. This is done by exerting manual force and pressure on a pump to push the steam through your coffee grinds.

Single serve / pod and capsule machines

Pod or Capsule Coffee MachineSingle serve implies coffee making for one person, be it using a pod or capsule. So all you have to do is to place one unit of pod or capsule into the machine, hit the button and the machine will churn out your cup of coffee.

Similar to tea bags are pods, but, filled with coffee in it, as compared to capsules, which are packed using foil-sealed packets, thus able to maintain it’s freshness as compared to pods.


Semi Automatic Coffee MachineMidway between manual and fully automatic, is the semi-automatic type of coffee makers. It is also priced in the middle range category. For such coffee makers, all you have to do is to pour your coffee ground and water into the coffee maker, and you control how much steam passes through the grinds right up into your cup. With better control over a fully automatic coffee maker, no wonder they are popular amongst consumers.


Semi Pro Coffee MachineSemi-pro espresso coffee maker machines perform like a semi-auto coffee maker machine, except that it comes with other programmable features. For instance, it can be plumbed into the main water supply and are generally better built. Of course, it comes with a higher price tag as compared to the semi-auto models.


Super Auto Coffee MachineSuper-auto coffee maker machines, the name suggest that it will perform the A-Z tasks of coffee brewing, yet, is a real time saver. For example, it is capable of grinding your beans, filtering your water, making your espresso and even frothing your milk. It is no wonder that avid coffee drinkers are willing to pay a premium for it, as they only need to press a button, and within minutes, they get to enjoy fragrant cup of coffee without much hassle; more so for the home-makers in the morning when they pack the kids off to school or rushing to get out of the house !

The Benefits of Espresso Machine Reviews

With the above best espresso makers buying guide and illustrating the different types of espresso coffee maker, I have set out to review close to some 30 espresso coffee maker with you, the avid coffee aficionados in mind, so as to bring you the best espresso machine reviews based on what’s new, popular and which are the ones to avoid!

To do this, just go to the side bar and choose the model that you want to review now or you may take a look at the list of espresso coffee makers listed above in the menu at the top, just below the header.